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We reward everyone who contributes to building their future.

In response to the call for social and human solidarity which Islam recommended us, we established this fund under the umbrella of a license for a public benefit association in Turkey under the name of the International Center for Islamic Economy to work on establishing funds aimed at support and local creativity and building optimism and hope among people.
Based on these wise directives in support of the wheel of construction and progress, we work to support the members of the fund and participants in its cooperative and solidarity programs that serve, develop and develop the capabilities of the members of the fund and its employees in general.
And since we are working to provide new job opportunities through programs and projects, it has been decided to launch the (loyalty card) that the member will receive according to the goals and objectives set forth in the special fund of the headquarters and approved by the board of directors of his representative, Mr. Nidal Al Silawi and Dr. Shihab Al Azazi And members of the Board of Directors according to the following:

  1. The shareholders or their representatives shall participate in taking all financial and administrative decisions in the presence of or a joint signature with the management of the Social Solidarity Fund Board.

  2. Shareholders and members shall have a share in benefiting from the programs of the Social Solidarity Fund and the Wafa Card

  3. The right to issue this card shall be in the name of the Social Solidarity Fund under the license of the Association (International Center for Islamic Economy) and to obtain the following:

    a. The founding fees of the founders of the association and the shareholders in the management of the fund are (100) one hundred dollars, non-refundable, paid once.

    B. . The application fee for membership in the society is (100) one hundred dollars, not refundable from each participating member, to be paid annually.

    T. The application fee for obtaining (the Takaful Card) to benefit from other programs of the Fund is (100) one hundred dollars to be paid annually.

    Note: This fee is currently entitled to the Board of Directors to raise and amend it later

  4. The share of (Student Science Guarantee Program) of the Social Solidarity Fund shall be 10% of the total, and the Education Fund shall bear all expenses and expenses related to education programs.

  5. All branches that are opened for the fund in any country in the world are approved in cooperation with cooperative societies in those countries with the approval of the Board of Directors according to the principles and the law.

  6. The shareholders depend on their representatives in the branches of countries, on his account and his expense, and they conduct their business with the fund management duly, and they follow directly to the fund management and they treat the fund management employees.

  7. Accounts are opened with an Islamic bank in the name / social solidarity fund. Providing mail in the name of the fund with a joint signature duly combined.

  8. A formal consultant financial office in Turkey is contracted, in addition to appointing an accountant affiliated with the association to undertake financial management according to the accounting system by issuing financial reports weekly, monthly and annually in which all revenues, expenses and surplus in the fund management are clarified.

  9. The financial surplus and rights are distributed to their owners monthly and annually through statements, documents and documents proving this.

International Center for Islamic Economics – Global non-profit organization – Turkey
The system of (Social Solidarity Fund) and (Wafa Card)

Fund Definition: It is a Social Solidarity Fund.
Definition of the card: It is a cooperative card called the Al-Wafa Card, the proceeds of which are devoted to the implementation of human development programs, projects and projects)
The right to participate: every company, institution, association, union, etc. has members or employees
Right to membership: Anyone who reaches the age of (18) years
Member: Employees and shareholders of participating institutions and companies / or a member of their family
Main Fund Management The Main Fund Management is a joint board of directors of the Fund’s Management and the International Center for Islamic Economics
Management of the Fund’s branches: Each branch has a mandate for the institutions participating with the two parties together
Joint Board: Delegates to manage the fund and representatives from the participating bodies.
The General Manager of the Fund: The Director General of the Fund is appointed by a decision of the Board of Directors of the main fund.
Legal advisor: A consultant appointed by the main fund’s board of directors every year
Medical Advisory Committee: An elected committee composed of three specialist doctors appointed by the main board of directors when needed every year.
The educational advisory committee is an elected committee composed of three teachers and two doctoral educational specialists appointed by the Board of Directors each year.
Board of Trustees: An elected body consisting of members of scholars * experts * chosen by the Board of Directors of the main fund every two years
Board of Advisors: An elected body made up of specialized members who are appointed by the Board of Directors of the main fund every two years

Chapter one: Establishment, goals and objectives, headquarters and main branches

1- It is established according to the Turkish laws and according to the system and instructions pertaining to the fund and according to the decision of the Founders ’Committee, it was agreed to establish the Social Solidarity Fund and its loyalty card according to the system and instructions for this fund.
2- The subscription to the Fund membership and the Card membership shall be in an optional voluntary manner for those who wish.
3- A decision shall be issued by the society’s management (the International Global Center for Islamic Economy) to nominate persons from the members to manage the fund’s business and others to represent it in all financial, administrative and other matters related to the work of the Social Solidarity Fund and the loyalty card appointed by the association’s management in accordance with an official and written decision.
4- The fund and card management shall have accounts and budget independent of the association’s accounts and budgets according to the laws and instructions issued by the Turkish official authorities.
5- Every member of the Youth Leadership Development and Qualification Authority and holds a valid membership card has the right to participate in the fund and they have all the rights and privileges.
6- The Board and Fund Board of Directors have the powers to choose and approve Mo

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